About Us

Doctorcabin ,a part of Axiin Health Management Services Pvt. Ltd, is a Delhi based startup that provides a platform for the patients to book their appointments with the concerned doctors and specialists. It's an online booking platform which is quick and precise for Doctors as well as the patients. Doctorcabin is user-friendly and well equipped in order to provide gratification to our patients and allow clients to select the doctor based on location, fees and specialty depending on the client's needs.

With Doctorcabin, the doctor gets precise information about the patient including their ailments and timings of consultation as soon as the patient takes up an appointment. They would get the relevant data about the patient from the platform. The doctors need not take other documents of the patients and find them, the appointments says it all.

The chances of doctors getting confused over patients with same or similar names would also be eliminated as all patients would be registered with their unique id, this solves a huge logistical issue faced by large hospitals today and helps make the process simple for both parties. Doctorcabin has a fee benefitting factor because the patients could choose their doctors according to the preferred fees so that they could stay within their budget.

Patients need not walk a long way to the doctor clinic to book appointments as this website lets you to book online without any calls or preferences. The quick and easy mode of booking that has been tailored for a fast moving lifestyle, where each individual tries to shuffle between work and home. The patients need not remind the hospital authorities or themselves about the appointment as the Doctorcabin does it on its own. The real-time tracking system has benefitted the patients more because they can easily track queue position so that they will not get confused with the doctor and is precise in the current information.