How It Works

How Doctorcabin works?

Patients and clients first have to register with Doctorcabin and then can select the doctor based on fees, specialization and location. Once the client books the required timeslot for his/ her appointment, the details of the booking is sent to the registered email and to the registered phone number as a text message.

Real-time Queue tracker is one of the key features of Doctorcabin, not only can a client book for an appointment, they can also track their appointments and will get their Queue position in real-time. The patient sees his current position on his smartphone and will get updates accordingly. The real-time tracker is mostly operated by the doctor or his assistant. This greatly helps clients in saving time and money as they are reminded of their appointments in real time.

Doctorcabin stands ahead from its competitors with its platform allowing multiple individuals a single ID such as for a family which simplifies the registration process to the extent that only one person needs to register and the other members can just add their names to the ID.

A patient has to register with a particular E-mail Id and mobile no with which he can also register his family when needed. This real-time queue tracker is not for any particular hospital but for concerned doctors, concerned specialists and concerned locations.

Doctorcabin is not bound to one doctor, specialist or location but is an overall map to the whole country. After registration the patient is queued through an SMS and the given E-mail Id. Doctorcabin is a time saver to the patients where proper information is sent to them soon after their registration. Unlike other online booking systems, where multiple mail ids must be created for each member, Doctorcabin facilitates booking for multiple individual with one ID, which is quite helpful for families and couples.

Travel expenses are the least concern with Doctorcabin online booking because patients need not travel in order to book their appointment and travel back home. We facilitate online booking since we value money and time to a large extent and so do we care for our customers need and choice which is of the utmost importance.